Why you need a social media management service


By Simon Bream for Imaginet

Imaginet recently introduced a new website –, as the central hub of our social media management service. The reason for the creation this site is that we have received numerous requests from people asking for a professional service to assist them with the time-consuming process of establishing and maintaining a viable social media strategy. The first reason  you need a social management service is time. It takes a great deal of time to set up and manage a number of social networks effectively. The emphasis is on the term “effectively”, which I think we need to expand on.

There’s a lot more to social networking…

Starting a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account is only the beginning – and each social network requires its own customized profile creation. Once this is done then the process of joining others and establishing contacts can begin. The common view that the more followers you acquire equals success is largely a myth. It is the quality and relevance of your social network contacts that is the crucial aspect of developing effective and profitable social networks. Posting interesting content is also not enough – one has to interact and develop relationships with one’ s followers. This all takes time and expertise, which is the reason why the busy business person or professional needs a professional social media service like imagi-social.

Learn to listen to your followers

Another aspect that is vital in any social networking strategy is the necessity of listening to what your followers or audience need and expect. This is where social media surpasses other more conventional forms of marketing. The facilities offered by social networking provide quick and effective channels of interaction and communication between you and your clients or audience; so that it becomes much easier to hear and respond to their needs or complaints. One can for example set up an opinion poll on Facebook to find out about ideas or views in your customer base – or create a visual board on Pinterest for your clients to express their ideas and views- all of which provides invaluable insights into the needs of your customers and which in turn provides a basis for improved services.
However, all of this takes time, patience and expertise – plus one needs to keep up-to- date on almost a daily basis with new networks and developments in existing networks. Consequently, it is worthwhile to consider a consulting service. Imagi-social is comprised of a group of social networking and search engine optimization specialists who live, eat and breathe social media. Give us a try and view more details about our service at imagi-social. 



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