Developments in Social Media Marketing


The field of marketing has been changed by developments in social media. Social media marketing has become a force that cannot be ignored – or ignored at your own risk. However, there are still many companies out there that still are uncertain about the value or the potential of social media marketing. This video from Stanford Business is worth watching as it shows the extent to which this media is becoming  an important element in the future of business marketing. Note as well the  data which indicates that traffic from social media is seen as being more valuable than normal search engine traffic.

What is also important about the video is that it shows the  complexity of some of the issues that are emerging in the field of social media marketing – but most of all it is a video that should be viewed by those who are on the fringes or who do not yet understand the important role that social media is beginning to play in all forms of online business, promotion and marketing. While the video is a bit dated ( 2010) it does provide some useful insights especially for those who still do not believe in the value of social media marketing.

View the video:Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool


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