Is social media humanizing marketing?

humanizing marketing


The question whether social is in fact humanizing marketing by creating better trust and relationships has been raised in a number of  blogs. Recently we came across a number of article that deal with the role of social media in bringing a more human touch to marketing and advertising. For example, an excellent article entitled “Can an App Humanize a Brand? SAP Thinks Yes” by Natascha Thomson ( has the following to say: “Social media makes it possible to build community spirit. People get to engage with people who share similar goals and objectives, pay-it-forward to each other (reciprocacy is becoming big), learn, help each other, have fun…something only people can do, not abstract entities”.

This is a subject that we have been exploring on our imagi-nation blog site. Have a look at
the following from an article our site titled “Social media is not just about selling”.

“Here’s a prediction that is echoed in many articles and reports lately and which seems ever closer to reality; for those who are still stuck in the old, aggressive marketing and client mindset beware, your audience is moving beyond linear and one-sided thinking. In a year or so, as social media matures and the mobile market expands, those who will grow are those who have developed a social networking trustworthiness and brand name.”
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