Why choose Imaginet ? Our Social Media Vision

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Our Social Media Vision!

The online marketing industry is growing faster each year and with exciting opportunities opening up for marketing and income improvement for client companies. Imaginet has the privilege of dealing with private and business clients every day and we believe it is our duty to make them aware of the world out there just waiting for them to interact and grow. Our social media vision includes the view that our position in the South African market as a developing Internet Service Provider is perfect for making our customers move into the social media market with ease and a professional outcome.

Social  media marketing is  growing in importance

Social Media is all around us 24/7 and at any given time there are millions of users online, checking and posting and tweeting. All these people are looking to connect with you and your products or services. We can give you the social media tools you need to establish a vibrant and working social media presence with engaging content, media news and relevant information to boost your presence and attract existing and new customers. This is inexpensive advertising that allows you to brand your business and interact with consumers who are willing to engage with you and your products through particular brand messages and promotions.

A full social media management service

Whether you’re looking for management on one social media platform or across many, Imaginet will help you to develop a game-changing strategy to ensure that you are liked, tweeted and interactive all day, every day with fresh and important marketing campaigns.

How can we help?
• Addition of social media tools to the website including Recommend, Like, Add This Widget, and related buttons for optimal social integration.
• Creation and maintenance social media channels as well as customised branding and optimisation.
• Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Pinterest as well as Google Plus profiles.
• Link addition, events creation, and functionality improvement.
• Likes tracking, comment and following monitoring.
• Linking all the social media sites for optimal integration.

How we assist you with social networks :


We need to analyse and determine who your competitors are and what they are doing in the market. This includes what people on the internet are searching for with regard to the services you offer. Once that is established Imaginet now has a better springboard for strategies and the best yield for your kind of products or services. Each strategy requires a very personalised, and innovative campaign where we make sure the right people are getting your message.

The Set up process :

Imaginet’s Social Media Team will set up your accounts (your online name and contacts) and customise home pages for one or more social media networks. This will mean a social media personality will be set up for your brand and we will set a tone which is in keeping with your ethos. This ensures you are set up to start managing your online fan base.

Implementation :

Once the accounts have been set up the Imaginet team will promote them across the variety of online channels you have chosen and they will be monitored closely to make sure they reach the target audience. If you decide to manage them in-house Imaginet will provide you with ongoing training and support and news items as this is an ever-changing and volatile medium where innovation is key.

Report back and monitoring :

The time consuming task of keeping your social media on track and aimed at target audiences is huge and we recommend you hire a full time social media expert or use the Imaginet team to make sure you don’t fall behind. Feedback is of vital importance so that you can see what works and what is not bringing in the desired results or interaction.

See more on our packages about exactly what we can do for each social medium.