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One of the main advantages of Pinterest is that is it provides a wealth of visual ideas and possibilities for whatever project you are working on. A good example would be planning a wedding or other social occasion.

A recent article titled Pinterest changes the way brides plan their weddings, states that Pinterest is “….changing the industry for vendors, planners and magazines”. Readers of wedding planning publications are “…repinning other users’ favorites, culling the Web for new stock and uploading their own pictures… Brides’ 55 boards, supplied with fresh images every day, are gaining about 500 followers a week”.

If you are an event or conference planner then Pinterest offers a wealth of opportunity. You can, for example, use this site as an area for conceptualizing or brainstorming ideas. You could do this by collecting images from Pinterest and elsewhere about your event and ask your team to contribute their ideas to your board. A good example of this use of Pinterest can be seen at Event planning. Hen’s nights (, where various images and ideas of the event have been pinned to the board from different

PinPin Boards can be used not only to collect ideas from different sources but also as a collaboration area in the planning and running of an event.

Another way to use Pinterest to plan and organize is through crowdsourcing Crowdsourcing involves outsourcing tasks to a widely distributed group of people; which means that input is received from people within the company as well from outside. An example of the use of Pinterest for conferencing is Q Centre, a Chicago conferencing area, which uses this social network to visually advertise its facilities.

Here are a few ideas on how to use Pinterest for events

Important point: One could refer to many other examples of ways in which Pinterest is used to organize and plan events and activities. The point being made is that by using your creativity and imagination Pinterest can be useful for many purposes. It is also worthwhile to explore Pinterest and search for different boards and pinners who organize and plan.

Here are a few ideas on how to use Pinterest for events

 Using Pinterest boards to brainstorming to come up with event ideas.

 Crowdsourcing ideas for conferences by asking people to submit images to the board, suggesting conference topics.

 Creating virtual portfolios with photos and videos of your events.

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 Pinterest is excellent for using image to promote or market holiday destinations.

 Pinterest Boards have also been used to highlight Web promotions; for example, the recent Imaginet promotion of its Movember drive for funds for Men’s health.

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