The importance of video marketing

The importance of video marketing

Video is becoming one of the most important and essential marketing tools available today. Numerous predications for 2016 note that video is going to grow in marketing and promotional significance. As one of these reports notes:

“Online video is the future of content marketing. Major players like Facebook and Bing now offer video options for advertisers and Google is experimenting with in-Search Engine Results Page (in-SERP) video advertising. These moves prove that users are growing more accepting of online video ads.” (

This article goes on to assess the statistics that indicate the importance of video for marketing this year and in the near future; for example:

There are are numerous predictions that place video as a central factor in marketing and promotions in the future. This clearly means one thing: in order to compete one has to become more aware of the potential that video holds for customer and client engagement. The following infographic  highlights some of these factors.

Why Video is the Best Form of Engagement #infographic


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