Why you should interact on social media

Why you should interact on social media

There are many  reasons why you should interact on social media – here are a few of the most important.

Following a number of social media channels is not good enough these days – the name of the game is interaction and there are a number of very good reasons why you should be involved on social media and why you should interact as much as possible on your chosen social media channels.

1. Building relationships

Social media is  all about creating and building relationships with your followers and clients. Twitter, for example, is an excellent way of informing clients about business and product developments and for dealing with queries, problems and complaints.
2. The advantage of social media over the more private email based communication is that others seeing the conversations can also interact and benefit from the interaction.
3. It is also a means of collaborating and problem solving. Others in the community of followers on that social network may have answers and issues that they can add and contribute.
4. Social media is a fast and effective way of sharing information. Images, documents and other forms of information can easily be shared online, which makes product updates etc. very easy to share.
5. Social networks like LinkedIn allow for varied levels of communication and have hundreds of discussion groups which can assist you with almost any query. One can create ones own group on this network as well as on other networks like Google Plus that can cater for a particular area of interest or expertise.

You get the picture! Social media is all about interaction and sharing. Using social media channels you can rapidly build up relationships with others and this leads to the very important concept of trust.

In a cynical and often untrustworthy world, social trust is an important value

Social media offers transparency and a way to develop trust and understanding between client and customer. Trust has become an extremely important part of modern business. This is evidenced by the fact that a growing number of people tend to purchase a product after reviewing what others say about the product on social media. (see Survey: 90% Of Customers Say Buying Decisions Are Influenced By Online Reviews)

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