Facebook and Mobile- the increase in mobile usage

Facebook and Mobile- the increase in mobile usage

If you ever doubted that mobile was taking over, this infographic should convince you that mobile is on the increase at an accelerating rate.

Facebook as well as other social media are now being interacted with on mobile devices more than ever. Here are some of the facts:

  • In the next two years there will be more mobile subscriptions than people on the planet. This may vary from country to country but it is an overall trend that shows the pervasiveness of mobile interactions on the web.
  • More than half of Facebook’s 955 million subscribers connect with the network via mobile devices.
  • In order to connect with mobile users high quality content is needed which should be presented in a mobile friendly manner.

What is clear is that the increase in smart phones and other mobile devices has led to a burgeoning  growth in the mobile market – a fact that online marketers and SEO experts are continually emphasizing.


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