Six Reasons for Fibre

Six Reasons for Fibre

1. Keep the peace at home.

Fibre is different to all other connectivity in that no matter how many people connect, they can browse, watch, listen and chat, at the same speed at the same time.  No more fighting about the gamer who “grabs” all the bandwidth. So peace returns to the household as all enjoy the connection.

2. You never have to have a Telkom landline again.

Make cheaper calls using your internet fibre with VOIP if you need to contact, or just chat to your family overseas. No more big international bills or paying for a line you never use.

3. Prepare to battle.

Gamers, your ping is no longer an excuse for poor reactiions. Fibre will take you to the next level if you like racing or combat. Prepare to go faster and be more deadly accurate in the shoot-ups !

4. Work Stress just melts away

Remember all the time you spent watching a file load, or trying to move photographs around? That is no longer any problem with Fibre. Improve the efficiency of your office right away and take away the worry about reliability.

5. Internet TV just got real

Enjoy all your shows in High Def with perfect sound and no interruptions or buffering.  The stress of missing the action in real time just went away. Enjoy music which works pretty much seamlessly on your MP3

6. Modernise your life, ease your stress

The up to date technology just makes sense when you think about DSL line instability and varying speed which can be very stressful when it interrupts your business or pleasure.  New fibre cables and infrastructure is just one way to create stability and reassurance.


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