New SEO Services from Imaginet

New SEO Services from Imaginet


Do you want to improve your websites search engine position – or do you want to be invisible?

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of increasing the visibility of your website. How you achieve a number one ranking on Google, Bing and Yahoo is changing rapidly and many find that their websites are appearing lower and lower in the search engine index. This is because Google and other search engines have in the last year introduced a wide range of radical changes to their ranking algorithms that many webmasters are not fully aware of.

Imaginet provides a comprehensive range of  SEO Services, which includes the following:

• An SEO audit of your site that will reveal where the problems lie ( Both Google and Bing)

• Keyword analysis and optimization for your website

• Content analysis – do you have the right kind of content and is it optimized for the search engines?

• Social media analysis – how are your social media networks functioning? •

An overview of your incoming or backlinks and guidance and how to increase quality links to your site.

• We take the latest Google ranking directives into account. In other words, we will show you how to improve your website’s visibility by making sure your site follows the latest SEO guidelines.

Contact  for a full quotation for your site and for any queries about this service.


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