How good writing attracts website visitors

How good writing attracts website visitors

So, what has good writing to do with attracting more visitors to your site and increasing your search engine ranking?

The answer is very simple: good, compelling and well thought out content on a site attracts more attention and adds value to the site from a search engine point of view. The reason  is that  well written content that is clear and interesting means that your clients immediately understand your service and product and are less inclined to look elsewhere.  The following clearly illustrates the importance of expert writing for your website:

“… powerful, compelling copy can be the difference between shouting into the void and actually getting eyes on your website, between providing visitors with a deep understanding of your product and confusing the crap out of them” (

Importance of communication

In today’s hectic always-on and mobile marketing environment, the importance of eye catching content is self-evident. However, the important concept to remember is communication and immediate contact with the visitor. This means that the content that you write must be honed in such a way that the viewer and prospective client understands and absorbs your message very quickly. Furthermore, the writing must encourage further reading and lead to  a process of communication and interaction with the viewer. This  in  turn means that the content writer must be well versed in writing techniques that inculcate attention, clarity and  communication.

Sending the right message

There is nothing more deleterious for a website to convey a poor or inadequate message about their product. Long convoluted  text will lose the interest of the reader. Writing for the web and for the mobile environment needs to be concise but expressive at the same time. The message conveyed must be unequivocal and clear- which means that the writing must be of a very high standard.

“Poor writing doesn’t just hinder clarity — it can actually cause readers to perceive you as less intelligent, credible, and authoritative. When your message is unclear or riddled with grammatical errors, your audience may have trouble viewing you as an expert with authority in your field. That means it can squelch any level of expertise you have.” (

User intent and writing

In today’s online marketing world good writing by itself is still not enough to get you to best response and the most visitors. Modern search engine optimization now takes account  of semantic aspects of content in terms of USER INTENT. In other words, the search engines have become clever. They can now determine with a great deal of accuracy the intention of the internet searcher and match it to the right content that corresponds to  that  intent or user requirements.  What this means for the marketer is that the content of your website must not only be well written but it must also be focused on the type of information,  questions and needs of your prospective clients – which in turn means that writing for the internet now also includes an in-depth knowledge of  your target market  and an understanding  of what  your prospective client is looking for. Read this succinct article on the importance of good SEO writing.



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