Ten things you should know about social media

Ten things you should know about social media

This insightful infographic  summarizes some of the most important aspects of social media – aspects that many people may not be aware of.

For example, it is imperative when posting to different social networks to realize that each social network has a different audience and style. Another very important fact that many people do not realize is that social media channels and networks also act as search engines. In other words,  Besides search engines like Google, many users use social networks like Twitter to search for the latest information, often based on #hashtags that they can follow. This is an increasingly important factor in online search, especially with the dramatic increase in mobile devices and smart phones that make  access to social media so much easier and more effective.

Another interesting  insight that can be gleaned from this infographic is that written content is more powerful than visual content.

Many people also use social media channels and networks to source new ideas and inspiration for projects. This is one of the reasons why networks like Pinterest have become so popular. Above all, one of the most important thing about social media is that it takes time. Do not expect to instantaneous success – it is often a time consuming  process, which requires daily input but the results over the long term can be dramatic in terms of marketing and branding.

10 Things You Might Not Know About Social Media

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