South Africa: The digital scene 2018

South Africa: The digital scene 2018

Here is a short but  interesting video on the way ahead for the South African digital scene.

The video brings up some essential points. The emphasis is on mobile with 29 million mobile phones in use in the country – which means that relevant mobile marketing strategies are needed to make headway in this competitive environment in 2018.

In this regard, what is emphasized in the video is good content that is also relevant to the context. In other words. the consensus is that interesting  content  that is contextually relevant to the website or product  is one of the most important facets of modern digital marketing – and this trend is set to continue in 2018.

The human element and ‘telling your story ‘ in a personalized way is also seen as one of the most important elements of brand creation in the contemporary mobile environment. Video is also playing an increasingly  important  part in online mobile marketing trends. Videos of product  overviews and details are seen as vital to any modern mobile marketing strategy.



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