Some great new upcoming Tech ideas 2018

Some great new upcoming Tech ideas 2018

Upcoming Tech 2018

By Matthew Smith

Remember when simply having a mobile phone meant that you were “keeping up with the Jones’s”? Yet as technology increasingly advances, slowly but surely, the “general” public is being left behind, whilst those who can afford to, evolve with the times; in essence, making their lives easier – and in some ways more complicated – compared to those of us who are “content” with one smart device.

Now you have the option of “pairing” your devices of choice, to better suit your lifestyle. Wearable technology is the latest trend, with companies competing to create a new world. From Smart Glasses which enable you to get directions; notifications and even take photos by means of simple gesturing or motioning – as opposed to taking out a device and doing it manually. Pair this with the new Sony Xperia Ear phones which allow one to listen to the real world as well as your private sound; simultaneously… or choose from a range smart ear phones, some with built in translation software that will allow us to communicate on a global scale, without having to worry about language barriers. (


On par with the wearable trend, manufacturers are focusing on ways to improve the already futuristic wearable tech we have; the main concern regarding wearable tech is the effort of having to remove it and charge it, essentially taking away from your wearing experience…. but what if we didn’t have this “problem”? Enter the Matrix… the popular movie franchise starring Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss (among others), where humans are essentially batteries for machines…well, one company took this to the next level and made it a reality – and named their product after the 1999 movie. The Matrix PowerWatch (winner of the 2017 Design Award) is powered by you and requires no charging.
However, if you don’t mind charging your wearables regularly, then there is a wide range of products to choose from: Notably, the Pavlok rise – helping you to form a routine and become a morning person. With the help of a slight electric pulse and vibration you can change the way you start your day. Testimonials claim it works – so why not give it a try. “Pavlok 2 vibrates, beeps, and releases electric impulses to reward good behaviors and stop bad ones.”


However if you’re unable to get to a charger port and you have a device that isn’t powered by you, there is the revolutionary Biolite Campstove, ideal for camping and in case of any form of apocalypse – perfect for ones “go bag”. The Biolite Campstove is a stove that burns with wood (or even twigs) and allows you to heat water or cook small meals, as well as charge devices and produce light; all through the process of burning/cooking -staying “off the grid” has never been easier.

Another useful item to include in your survival gear is the Life straw – a straw that filters contaminants from the water as you drink.

One of the latest and “greatest” innovations to grace our lives is the convenience of having our homes fitted with smart technology. From smart televisions to smart fridges, all built in with Alexa or “Hey google”, enabling voice commands. Pair your wearable tech with your general tech and your home tech, and live in the future – now.

Even your creative side can benefit from the advances in technology. Introducing “Phree”, the smart pen – yes, even our pens are becoming “smart”. Make the world your paper with Phree, the pen that allows you to write, draw or simply make notes on any surface; automatically creating a digital input on your smart device of choice.

You can even repair things or simply be creative with Sugru Mouldable glue – heat and cold resistant. The “future” is definitely upon us with more and more creative products entering the market on a daily basis. If you’re interested in innovation, then head over to Kickstarter and see what creative minds can come up with.


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