SEO trends 2019

SEO trends 2019

Here is a useful infographic outlining some of the most important SEO trends that affect your website marketing in 2019.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of online website promotion and presencing. Without good SEO, your website and pages have very little chance of being seen; nevermind attracting visitors and interaction.

To make things more ‘complex’ is the fact that SEO is dynamic. In other words, it is continually changing. For example, a few years ago optimizing your website for mobile viewing was an option, but now it has become a necessity.

So, we have to keep apprised of the very latest in SEO demands to ensure that our web pages are visible online. The following infographic from is a beneficial overview of the most important aspects and trends that affect SEO today.

Aspects like mobile responsiveness and site speed are factors that now have to be seriously taken into account if you want to be seen online. However, there are even more contemporary issues that need to attention in modern SEO. For example, voice search and video keywords are aspects that are now trending in the SEO environment. Content has also become more dominant and exceptional content that provides real value for the viewer is very important today. Gone are days when a good looking advertorial style site could rank on the search engines. Useful content is written in such a way as to satisfy the search for answers to essential questions on the part of the viewer.

Have a look at this infographic and see how your website SEO measures up.


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