How to optimize your web site

How to optimize your web site

Here is a very useful infographic on how to optimize your website.

What is optimization so important? The infographic below summarizes these reasons; they are-

    • to get higher ranking on the search engines- which in effect means that more people see your site;
    • this also result in an increase in traffic to your site, which everyone wants;
    • and it increases the probability of links and shares to your site as well as helping to build your brand.
    • Look through the infographic and you will also see the different aspects that you need to pay attention to in order to optimize your website.

These include basic but important issues, such as ensuring that your title and meta tag descriptions reflect the content of your site, as well as ensuring that you use keywords and phrases that the search engines will use to identify your site content.
In this highly competitive online world one also has to be aware of the importance of heading tags, as well as the increasing importance of open graph meta tags. In effect, optimizing your website is no longer an option but has become an essential part of your web design and marketing process.

( click infographic for a larger image)

The Anatomy of an Optimized Webpage

From Visually.


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