New Fibre Deals at Imaginet

New Fibre Deals at Imaginet

What’s all this about Fibre?


It’s the fastest connectivity around, and at Imaginet, we’re all about getting you connected. From Telkom and OpenServe, to Vumatel and Frogfoot, we’ve got your Fibre data covered no matter who you’re getting your line through! Better yet, we can manage the lines from these providers to make sure that you’re left with less stress on your mind, more time on your hands and more cash in your wallet! No contracts, no headaches, no fuss!

All that you need to do to have Imaginet manage your Fibre line and data is to drop our Sales team a mail with your full physical address. We’ll check our maps to see who’s covering your area and walk you through the options to get you the best connectivity you can hope for! If you’re using one of our Per GB packages, you might not even need to change a thing to take advantage of Fibre speeds – our Soft Capped services work on both ADSL and Telkom Fibre Lines!

As always, we’re looking forward to getting you where you need to be on the web, and keeping you there.

Click  here  to find our more about these fibre offers. 

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