New developments on the SEO scene

New developments on the SEO scene

There are a host of new developments on the SEO SCENE, and 2018 is already showing signs of being an exciting year for the growth of search engine optimization.


Here are just a few of the latest  SEO developments;  which include aspects to pay attention to in 2008.

  1. One of the most discussed aspects is mobile voice search.

At present it is estimated that voice search makes up about 20 percent of all online searches. ( Web Ceo) The interesting aspect is that in approximately two years this figure will, it is suggested, reach fifty percent. This is  seen by the experts as a completely new trend in SEO innovation:  “We are standing on the precipice of a new era on the Internet, which means new things for would-be SEO experts…”  (Web Ceo) The reason for this is that the way that the searcher will use language will differ dramatically from the usual shortened and disjointed word input that is normally the case. This will necessitate the input and understanding of new ” voice keyword’s” ( Web Ceo).

2. The importance of the user  experience.

The user experiencing will be at the centre of search engine optimizations. This in itself is not new but there will be a greater and more sophisticated emphasis on the user experience; and how the user previews and reacts to a certain website.

3. Content.

The emphasis on relevant and high-quality content continues to be one of the most discussed features of contemporary season engine optimization. This is certainly not a new development but it is a factor that is increasing in importance for effective SEO. “Content will continue to be one of the prevalent ranking factors. However, Google hates stagnation. Their policy is to give users the best the Internet has to offer, so the standards for what content counts as good are bound to rise again in the new year.” (Web Ceo)

4.   Site speed.

Site speed is becoming an increasingly important aspect of SEO. Experts advise pruning your site of all excess files and baggage.

5. Local optimization.

There is also a great deal of interest in local optimization or focusing optimizing activities on A more selective environment and clientele.

“Local optimization and hyper-local intent targeting is nothing new for an SEO tactic. (In fact, here is a great local optimization checklist.) However, there has been dramatic growth in search intent targeting opportunity specifically for search query demand on subtopics like “near me,” “nearby,” “close by,” and other variations.” ( SEJ)

These are just a few of the predictions about what awaits SEO in 2018. There are many other aspects to consider and each one deserves a full  blog post. We will be adding relevant articles to keep you to to speed soon.



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