Why you should get a static IP address

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There are a number of reasons why you should get a static IP address.

In contrast, a dynamic IP addresses can change, while static IPs remain constant. Dynamic IP addresses can change each time you connect to the Internet but static IP addresses are reserved from you and do not change. while a dynamic IP addresses is commonly used in residential Internet connections. Static IP addresses are most often used by business and commercial entities with leased lines and who are running their own server.

The reason why dynamic as opposed to static IP addresses are used is due to the fact that that there are a limited number of IP addresses available. Consequently, because the number of available IP addresses are not infinite, measures have to be taken to ensure that there is enough ” space” available on the Internet for everyone to have an address; hence the use of dynamic IP addresses.

The following infographic outlines  the advantages of a static IP address.


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