Benefits to having your business or brand on social media

Benefits to having your business or brand on social media

There are many obvious benefits to having your business or brand on social media.

Everyone knows that social media gives your brand more exposure but there are also other related aspects that you should know about that add to the advantages of having a strategic social media plan for your brand or business.

The following infographic outlines some of these aspects that emphasize the importance of social media for business, such as :

  • Most online internet users prefer to get online discount offers via social media.
  • Many Facebook users are directly influenced by advertisements they see online and
  • more than 80 percent of internet users hive Facebook accounts.
  • Social media offers you the direct opportunity to view opinions about your products or services.
  • Social media offers an extremely useful and flexible way of keeping your clients and customers up-to-date and informed about new products or services, price changes, etc.
  • You can engage and communicate with your  customers  more easily via social media.
  • The strategic use of social media can also increase visits to your website.
  • An interesting statistic is that 67 percent of Twitter users are likely to buy brands they follow.

Have a look at this compact but informative infographic for more insight into how social media can advance your brand.

Benefits of Social Media

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