Why you should be aware of social media trends

Why you should be aware of social media trends

The need to understand and follow social media trends is becoming more and more important for the promotion of your business or service.

One of the main reasons for this is the development of Facebook as a media marketing tool. Two years ago Facebook was the obvious way to promote and market  anything to your chosen audience However, with the changes to the way this network operates  with regard  to who sees your posts and the decline in organic  reach, the business marketer has to look to other social networks to promote products and services.

Furthermore, the social networking world is developing and changing on a daily basis and one has to be aware of the trends that are dominant and what they say about the way ahead  for social media as a marketing tool. For example, the rise  of Instagram as a new medium for brand promotion is important and one should look at the reasons for this. Above all, a study of social media trends provide a way of understanding  which  social networks will work best for your business.

The idea that content is king has been done to death – but it still resonates and the better your content on social media the more visits, likes and retweets you will get.

An example: Imaginet published a post  a few months ago on the state of social, media marketing from the mobile perspective in South Africa.  This post  has accumulated  more than two thousand views and is featured on page one of Google and other search engines for prominent search terms – largely because  of the dissemination and sharing of the useful  content over social media . In  other words, knowing which social media network is appropriate for your content is vital in reaching the  right audience that can visit your site and see what you have to offer.

There has of course been a major shift towards the  trend for visual media like presentations , infographics and video.  Depending on the type  of product, service and content you have to offer, sites like PInterest may be a goldmine of marketing and prospective client potential.  it is also vital to study the type of viewership that a site attracts:  for example, Pinterest has a largely female following and thus might present an opportunity for marketing to that demographic. On the other hand, networks like LinkedIn provide for a very different and more professionally orientated form of interaction – which means that this network might suit a business that is looking to interact with other businesses or professionals on certain issues.

Another trend that is definitely strengthening is mobile social networking. It has therefore becomes essential for your website to be mobile friendly. This has also become a central factor in ensuring that your website appears on the first page of the search engines. To check whether your website is mobile friendly go to

The following infographic  provides more data on this important topic. Imagi-social and Imaginet will continually update this site on the latest social media trends.



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Why you should be aware of social media trends
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Why you should be aware of social media trends
Why you should be aware of social media trends and how they affect and impact your business or profession.
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