The amazing growth of social media.


The amazing growth of social media.

Not too long ago there was very little in the way of on-line social media, except for Facebook and some lacklustre chat rooms – but in the last few years this picture has changed radically. The video below provides a fascinating insight into the growth and development of the internet. Some of the interesting facts relate to the growth of social media and social networking; for example the fact that over 4 million YouTube videos are viewed every day.

Some social media facts:

  • Instagram has over 150 000 000 members
  • LinkedIn has over 260 000 000 subscribers
  • Pinterest has 20 000 000 subscribers
  • Facebook has at least 23 000 000 subscribers

There is no doubt that social networking is the media phenomenon of this century – so far. It is interesting to speculate what this will lead to. Will social media morph into something even more interactive and how will the growth of mobile data and usage impact the future development of social media and the internet?

The future of social media marketing?

The exponential growth of social media also leads to a number of other pertinent questions for business. For example,  how will this impact social marketing when we take into account facts about social networking demographics; such as the fact that about 80 percent of Pinterest subscribers  are women. You can be sure that marketers are already making use of their analyses of social media platforms to create informed media marketing campaigns.

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